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SMS Marketing

Cell phone marketing is definitely the most personal and effective method of direct marketing. Its potential is just now being fully realized. Be many steps ahead of the others by adopting it in your overall marketing strategy.

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Business On-line

Today's business is inevitably dependable from the on-line and multimedia representation. Think of your web site as an international shop. MaxMedia will build your shop with great custom design, easy for the users to navigate and will assure, that it stays on a "main street". You have your partner in the internet and advertising, the rest is up to you.


We create all kind of print and graphical materials:
Logo, stickers, posters, company identity and materials , creative advertising solutions.


We create all kinds of multimedia: Presentations, games, interactive projects, mini CD, 3D, 2D films and others, for purposes of advertising, education and more...

Business Card Mini CD

We produce mini CD in a business card format. It has a printable surface and a pocket. It can be used as a normal business card, but in addition, it contains data, presentation or software. It can play on any conventional CD It gives you style and extended possibility for company advertising and costumer services.

Full Package

We offer full packages that include website with administrative module, database driven by custom software, combined with multimedia mini CD presentation which
can be used as an interactive business card guiding the costumer to the company's website and updated database of products or services.


We also produce custom software for almost any purpose. If you need software that responds to your special needs this is the technology that will automate your work by custom functions and design.

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